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State an aluminum held 2011 annual awards ceremony concluded

2012 New Year, January 1 morning , the country held a grand aluminum 2011 annual awards ceremony concluded . 460 employees participated in the company awards ceremony concluded .
At the meeting, company chairman and general manager of Comrade Qi Enliang sermon : " 2011 is our year of severely tested from 2009 to the present , and the expansion began in the second half of 2010 inflation spreading international financial crisis . and the last state of the real estate industry from controls to limit the introduction of fast rising prices and purchase orders , so that the continued downturn in the real estate industry in the state . together we are a new business , expanding the scale of the land , the reality on the device in addition , this year's unstable aluminum , aluminum market is very sluggish , in this case , we resisted the pressure , withstood the unprecedented challenges , the successful completion of the goals we set at the beginning . achieve sales revenue 300,000,000 yuan , profits and taxes 15 million yuan , taxes of 500 million. these achievements , thanks to the leadership of the company, thanks to all the staff of one mind, united struggle, the result of hard work . "
After Sarkozy total from " ( a ) based on reality, to expand the scale and achieve a new leap forward . ( Two ) , strengthen management , personnel training, and lay a new foundation . ( Three ) , people-oriented , emotion management, to create a new team ( four ) times, to enhance the development of new breakthroughs . ( five ) , pay close attention to sales, promote management, new achievements . ( six ) , innovation, build brands, to a new level ( seven ) , plus great efforts to strengthen publicity and establish a new image from seven aspects , highlighting the seven "new" words. comprehensive summary of the year to get the new achievements . "
In affirming the achievements , the face of the new year , face the problems and shortcomings . Sarkozy total from the management level employees a sense of ownership , safety, energy saving, market development and other five analyzes the problems and shortcomings .
Finally, to speed up the construction of a new plant ; three-year plan ; establish scientific performance appraisal ; quality system ; implementation of brand strategy ; technological innovation and product development ; sales market development ; improve the working and living conditions ; improve overall quality of staff ; strengthening publicity, show results , started the " one country " brand . Ten areas proposed ambitious targets and measures to achieve the 2012 target .
Sarkozy total of concluding speech , rich in content, the main highlight , insightful analysis , and fair and reasonable , in all earnestness , targeted, inspiring.
Finally, selected the three outstanding management personnel , 10 advanced workers and 24 outstanding employees were commended and rewarded .

( Contributed Wang Yongzhou )

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